Dunkin Donuts Remodels


Dunkin Donuts Franchise stores require periodic remodels to accommodate new equipment, operations layout changes and replacement of interior finishes. Renovations require phased construction while adhering to all health code requirements. If health requirements are not met, a complete store shutdown would be mandatory. Additionally, store owners require a minimal amount of disruption in order to avoid a significant decrease in sales, revenue and potential loss of customers.


Apex completed an analysis of the most cost effective and time efficient remodel scheme to be implemented. In collaboration with the Dunkin Donuts Franchise, a detailed plan of action was developed to assure that all materials, fixtures, equipment and systems were procured and available for installation. Apex developed a detailed schedule to account for organized construction sequencing, deliveries and inspections. A complete buy in on schedule was obtained and secured by all participants.


The Dunkin Donuts store was closed on a Friday evening to start the remodel. To minimize frustration, signs directing the public to the next nearest store were also installed. Workflow was closely monitored to adhere to the tight schedule. When additional work was required, Apex provided the necessary manpower to make up for any lapses caused by unforeseen circumstances. Off-hours inspections were arranged to avoid additional delays. The store was inspected, certified for operation and reopened just 10 days after the project started.


The Dunkin Donuts Franchise remodeling and improvements to the store interior and equipment helps satisfy existing and new customers. With the renovation, the Dunkin Donuts Franchise has increased sales, profit margins and customer satisfaction.

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