Lowe’s–Roof Structure Repair


At 9:00 PM on a cold February night, Apex learned that a 8,709 sf canopy structure connected to a 115,000 sf retail store had collapsed due to heavy snow load. The collapse damaged the dry pipe sprinkler system and the water from the broken pipe flooded the store. When the sprinkler alarm was activated, the Fire Department evaluated the condition and closed the valve to avoid additional flooding. The Fire Department shut down the store until the building structure was evaluated and additional fire protection systems could be restored. Unfortunately, shutting the store down would result in a large loss of sales and revenue. Additionally, the exterior Garden Center needed to be restored for the upcoming spring season.


Apex immediately contacted key subcontractors and engineers to be on site the next morning. The Fire Department and building department were there to evaluate the overall condition of the building. The Apex team immediately repaired the sprinkler system and restored its service to the facility. Any electrical service running to the collapsed area was disconnected and safely secured. Structural engineers examined the store’s bearing wall and found that there was no damage to any of the structural walls. The building was reopened a few hours later. With a tight deadline, Apex generated a fast track plan for the design and reconstruction of the canopy, removal of the collapsed canopy, salvaging any products with the goal of reopening the Garden center for the spring season in less than eight weeks.


Apex dispatched demo crews for the snow and main roof structure removal in order to make the exterior area accessible. Once the area was declared safe, store operations personnel evaluated which products could be salvaged and which products should be removed. Simultaneously, design engineers worked on the new canopy design that could withstand larger snow loads. Upon design approval, steel fabricators expedited procurement and delivery of the new canopy system. Apex brought in Fire Protection contractors to begin the fabrication of the new dry system for the canopy area. Construction was completed in six weeks, which allowed for an end of March opening – just in time for the spring season.


Revenue losses for the store were negligible, in part because of the prompt reaction leading up to the re-opening. The Garden Center was open in time for the spring season, allowing the store to secure its projected revenue stream.

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