Pennsylvania Distribution Facility


A distribution facility in Pennsylvania was experiencing limitations for stacking heights for warehouse appliance storage. The main problem was due to inconsistent slab conditions. The operation of fork lifts was also hindered by the existing slab conditions. The combination of these unsatisfactory conditions meant that the warehouse could not be utilized to its full capacity. The challenge was to find a solution without disrupting the current warehouse distribution operations.


Apex studied the site and isolated the problem area to 80,000 sf of the facility. However, further investigation showed that slab placement and underslab prep was defective. Apex made the decision to remove the faulty slab and improper fill sections and replace them with properly compacted fill material and reinforced concrete slab.


Apex developed a plan to divide the work into four areas of approximately 20,000 sf each, and to complete the work over four weekends when the distribution facility was not in full operation. Apex implemented the plan over four consecutive weekends. Dust control barriers and equipment were installed to contain the work area; slab was saw cut into sections, demolished and removed from site; unsuitable fill was removed and new structural fill was placed and properly compacted and graded; reinforced steel was installed; concrete slabs were placed adhering to specified tolerances; and proper curing compounds were applied.


The distribution facility was in full operation in one month’s time. Appliances could be stacked to higher levels, resulting in an increased warehouse capacity. The wear and tear of forklift equipment, due to the uneven slab conditions, was eliminated and maintenance requirements were minimized. As a result, there was an increase in fork lift operation and efficiency. No disruptions to the facility occurred during the construction period.

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