Upstate New York Retail Facility


A facility located in Herkimer, NY depends upon an 8” municipal water supply line that runs under a bridge crossing the Canada Creek. The water lines exposure to extreme cold makes it vulnerable to freezing. If the line freezes it would result in an ineffective fire protection system. Insulation and heat trace systems for the piping that were previously installed were not successful and required continued maintenance. The lack of adequate fire protection threatened closure of the facility.


Apex investigated alternative methods for preventing the water service from freezing. The solution was to reroute the existing 8” supply line under the West Canada Creek allowing the water supply line to run below the frost line. The creek provided an added layer of insulation safeguarding it from exposure to the extreme cold.


Apex obtained permits from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, State of New York Department of Transportation & Army Corps of Engineers in order to install a water supply line under the river. Apex, along with its network of subcontractors, installed a new 8” water line using directional drilling procedures. In just one day, a new water line was installed under the river without any environmental impacts. Within a week, a new line was connected to an existing underground pipe, and a new freeze proof water service was installed.


The retail facility is in full operation and there is no longer a threat of closure.

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